What is Done in Adenoidectomy Surgery?

This is an operation performed under general anesthesia. The patient is given a drug with an effective sedative that will relieve him without being lowered into the operating room. Two methods are applied in the operation. The first is the removal of nasal flesh with the help of a curette. The second is the evaporation method. Today, the evaporation method (Plasma Method) is usually applied. After saline is given to the operation area, the area with excess nasal flesh evaporates with the effect of plasma with radiofrequency energy. Then it is removed by vacuuming with the help of a specially designed device.

Is Nasal Flesh Surgery Difficult, How Long Does It Last? Which Anesthesia Method Is Used? Are There Any Risks?

Nasal flesh surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Especially if it is done by evaporation method, the operation time is about 10-15 minutes. The nasal region is seen with the help of the camera. This provides the opportunity to do it without damaging the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the risks are minimized. On the sides of the nasal region are the mouths of the Eustachian tube, which allows the ear to breathe. There is a risk of damage to these structures in excessive nasal flesh removal procedures performed without sight. However, since it is done by providing an adequate viewing angle with the camera in the coblator system, the risk in question is almost eliminated.

What is the Process After Nasal Flesh Surgery? Is it necessary to stay in the hospital?

2 hours after surgery, the sleep-inducing effect of general anesthesia disappears. After that, feeding is started. A different diet is not given as in tonsil surgeries. The probability of experiencing complications with the evaporation method is negligible. For this reason, according to the condition of the patient after the operation, he is discharged on the same day.

Is there pain after nasal flesh surgery?

This is a painless operation because there is no nerve tissue in the nasal region that perceives the sensation of pain.

When Do the Problems Caused by the Nasal flesh Disappear After the Operation?

The complaint of nasal congestion improves on the first day in some patients. However, the passing of the blockage in the nasal region increases the growth hormone in the blood. One study tested a marked increase in growth hormone about 6 months after surgery. Since the mouth of the Eustachian tube, which ventilates the ears, is opened, the risk of experiencing middle ear inflammation is also reduced. After the operation, the decrease in the frequency of infection, the increase in growth hormone, the increase in sleep quality have a positive effect on the growth and development process of the child, especially in children. In addition, problems such as restlessness and sleep disturbances are reduced to almost nothing.

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