Upper Respiratory Infection

Upper Respiratory Infection

What Is an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection?

Upper respiratory tract infections are infections of the nose, ears and throat, which are the first part of the respiratory system. We can say that the place we call upper breathing is the place where the air first comes into contact during breathing. The viruses and bacteria that surround us are especially effective in this area. The biggest obstacle in front of this disease is the nose.

During breathing, some of the particles in the nose are mostly spread to this area through the air. The simplest example is sneezing. Upper respiratory tract infections have different symptoms in each area. For example, in a situation such as a sore throat, the person’s voice is muted and severe pain is felt. If the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed, a sinus infection or runny nose appears in the person.


Symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection differ according to the underlying cause. The most obvious symptoms are runny nose, headache, fever and joint pain. The disease begins with a viral infection and then progresses to a bacterial infection. Fever is usually caused by a bacterial infection. So if the patient does not have a fever, this indicates that there is no bacterial infection. If the patient has a sinus infection, fever and pain occur at the same time. In cases such as viral infections, symptoms such as runny nose, general discomfort and fatigue appear.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment

Treatment of upper respiratory tract infection varies according to the diagnosis of the physician. If the patient has laryngitis, his voice is muted and he coughs. With it, sputum is formed. On examination of this patient, it is noticed that redness has formed around the vocal cords. In such a case, plenty of fluids should be consumed, the patient should not talk too much. In addition, steam treatment with menthol eucalyptus with salt water method is recommended for the nose.

If the diagnosis indicates pharyngitis, the patient is again recommended to drink plenty of water. With it, antiseptic spray and some drug supplements are made. In a condition such as sinusitis, antibiotics are used. However, the antibiotic is recommended by looking at whether the patient has a fever and discharge. In all these cases of infection, the patient may need to wash his nose with salt water. Because you can reduce the germs in the nose with this method.

Upper Respiratory Infection

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