Voice Disorder

Voice Disorders

Voice Therapy

Voice impairment is an abnormality in the pitch, intensity or resonance of the voice. Hoarseness or problems in voice quality can develop due to many different voice diseases. The source of the problem must first be determined by the Otolaryngologist Doctor. After that, it is necessary to diagnose the voice disease. After determining the source of the existing problem, one of the most appropriate medical treatment, surgical intervention or voice therapy methods is determined and treatment begins.

Speech–Language Therapy

Speech and tongue therapy is performed on people with tongue and/or speech impairments. It is applied to support language and speech skills.

Delayed Language and Speech

In the simplest definition, we can explain this problem as the child’s language / speech skills being behind what is expected from his age. While the child has the physical ability to produce sounds, they may not have enough grammar. Instead, he may not be able to produce speech sounds, even though his grammatical development is age-appropriate. You can observe such symptoms alone or in combination. With therapy support, existing language and speech skills are increased.

Speech Disorder Due to Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft palate; It causes one or more of the structures such as lips, hard palate, soft palate, teeth, and nose to be structurally defective. It also causes these organs to be unable to perform the movements necessary for articulation in a proper manner.

In therapies, language development is tested before the child speaks. Children without age-appropriate language development are primarily supported in terms of expressive language skills. Immediately after this, articulation therapy is started.

Speech and Language Disorder Due to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss causes delays in a child’s language and speech development. The primary goal is to diagnose hearing loss as soon as possible. In addition, if there is permanent hearing loss, appropriate audiological evaluations are performed. With this method, it is ensured that the patient has a good hearing with supports such as hearing aids / cochlear implants, etc.

Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)

Stuttering, in its clearest definition, is the disruption of the natural flow of speech. It is also the disruption of its rhythm by interruptions or obstacles such as blocks. Stuttering is usually; sound/syllable repetitions are seen as extensions, vocal or silent blocks, or avoidance of these behaviors. Today, precise solutions are offered in a short time. However, these methods are far from scientific foundations. There are also workarounds. The aim of therapy is to increase the individual’s fluency. However, it is the teaching of ways to cope with the current problem.

Articulation Disorder – Speech sound disorder

It is an articulation disorder when a person produces incorrect or incomplete speech sounds. This problem occurs when the articulator organs (tongue, lips, etc.) enter the wrong position.

Apart from these, the person makes consistent mistakes. For example, if he can’t use the /k/ sound, it will follow the same way when he says the word or syllables that contain the entire /k/ sound. In phonetic disorder, sounds are put together during speech within the framework of certain grammatical rules. In phonological disorders, people can change the location of syllables. They can also substitute a speech sound, or add or drop a sound.

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Voice Disorder

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