Congenital Neck Masses

congenital neck masses

Surgical Treatment of Congenital Neck Masses

Ultrasonographic examination is sufficient for the diagnosis of congenital neck masses. Neck masses are usually exposed due to any infection. These can also be a symptom of much more serious diseases in children. For this reason, it must be determined by an examination by an experienced physician. The continuation of some structures that provide the formation of body structures in the mother’s womb before birth can be given as a definition of congenital/congenital neck masses.

Congenital masses are often observed after inflammatory neck masses in childhood. It can occur immediately after birth in the form of swelling in the neck. Instead, it can also give symptoms in your 10s or 20s. Symptoms are mostly only in the form of swelling in the hand. Sometimes you may also notice inflammatory swelling.

When Is It Dangerous?

The vast majority of lymph nodes are located in the neck area. These masses can be encountered in those who have frequent upper respiratory tract infections. However, especially in children, there may be swelling in the neck the size of a leblebi. In the treatment of the disease, swelling of the lymph nodes due to previous infection is effective. In case of severe and painful edema, such as the development of infection despite treatment, it is absolutely necessary to get support from an ENT specialist.

Diagnosis of Congenital Neck Masses

The ENT specialist performs a general physical examination. After that, he asks for the necessary tests to find the cause of your complaints. Blood tests are usually looked at when there is an infection or when diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma are suspected. Sometimes after infection or when assessing the mass, which returns to the abscess with a tumor and cystic masses, a neck ultrasound or computed tomography may be taken. If the infection is caused by another reason, a biopsy may be performed.


The determining factor in treatment is early diagnosis. However, the type of mass in the neck is also effective in treatment. A detailed diagnosis and, if necessary, a blood test and X-ray examination (ultrasound, tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography, etc.) are performed.

Sometimes the diagnosis can be made only by pathological examination of the lymph node. All these examinations are not applied to all patients. The doctor applies them if necessary. Antibiotic treatment usually works in masses due to infection. However, surgical intervention is required for masses that develop due to other causes.

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Congenital Neck Masses

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