What is a thyroidectomy?

 Thyroidectomy is an operation performed for the treatment of some structural (goiter) or functional disorders. It is the process of surgical removal of the thyroid gland. It is more commonly known as goiter surgery among the people. In this operation, part or all of the thyroid gland is removed under general anesthesia.

Indications for thyroidectomy

 Thyroid cancer or suspicion are indications for thyroidectomy. However, symptoms such as large nodules and hyperthyroidism are among the indications for total thyroidectomy.

Types of Surgery

Total Thyroidectomy

Total thyroidectomy is the removal of the entire thyroid gland. At the same time, this procedure is applied in the case of diseases such as thyroid cancer and multinodular goiter, which covers the entire thyroid gland.

Near Total Thyroidectomy

It is the process of intentionally releasing 1-2 grams of tissue in the thyroid beds. With near-total thyroidectomy, if the vocal nerve is too intertwined with the thyroid tissue, it is based on not causing any damage to the nerve.

Subtotal Thyroidectomy

It is the process of deliberately releasing more than 1-2 grams of tissue in the thyroid beds. It is an operation that is not applied much today. In addition, this operation is definitely not applied in thyroid cancer cases.

Total Lobectomy

Total lobectomy is performed when the cancer is the only suspected nodule. The operation is to remove the entire lobe where the nodule is located. In addition, with this procedure, the entire thyroid lobe of one side is removed. In doing so, the other lobe is not touched.

Thyroidectomy Surgery

For this surgery, the lymph node dissection and the size of the thyroid gland in the neck are first examined. Then it is decided whether the operation will be performed or not. After that, the operation is started with a skin incision. The incision is then sutured under the skin and with thin suture materials that are not visible from the outside. Thyroid surgery is included in the clean surgery group. Therefore, the risk of incision site infection after the operation is quite low.

 After Thyroidectomy Surgery

 After the operation, there is no pain that the patient cannot tolerate. A feeling of snagging or a slight pain in the throat that occurs in the early period lasts for a maximum of 24 hours. Then it disappears. Within 6-8 hours after surgery, the patient can be fed orally. However, he can walk comfortably. On the other hand, patients can be discharged within the first 24 hours after surgery.



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