Endoscopic Resection of Concha Bullosa

endoscopic resection of concha bullosa

What is Concha Reduction (Nasal Flesh Treatment)?

Turbinate surgery, that is, the operation of reducing the nasal flesh, is applied to people who have difficulty breathing due to the size of the nose. This operation is needed in order for the person to continue his life in a healthier way.

What is Nasal Flesh (Turbinate)?

The flesh of the nose (turbinate) is three pieces in total. It is located above, below and in the middle part of the nose. These work to ensure that air flows inside the person’s nose, moisturizes and warms up. They also serve as the filtration of the received air. In cold weather, they fill the vessels with blood.

What Are the Causes of Swelling of Nasal Flesh?

Among the causes of swelling of the nasal flesh can be found many reasons. Most often, growths are observed in the lower and middle parts of the nasal flesh. Factors that cause swelling include pregnancy, environmental factors, allergic causes and infections. Using a nose opener for a long time, especially for a condition such as the flu, can cause you to experience this problem. In addition, pollen and dust allergy is one of the effective factors in the swelling of the nasal flesh. This problem is also seen in smokers or people who are exposed to an environment where there is a cigarette.

What are the Symptoms of Nasal Flesh Swelling?

The most common symptom of nasal flesh growth is nasal congestion. The person begins to be unable to breathe through the nose due to this problem. He constantly tries to breathe through his mouth. This is especially noticeable during sleep. When the person wakes up, they notice that their airway is dry. It also causes snoring during sleep. This can reduce the quality of life of the person. As a result, the person whose nasal flesh grows cannot get enough oxygen to his body. Again, there may be problems in taste due to the growth of nasal flesh. At the same time, discharge may occur. If these symptoms are seen, it can be concluded that the person’s nasal flesh is growing. However, the definitive diagnosis is made by an examination to be performed by an ENT doctor who is an expert in the field.

How is Nasal Flesh Surgery Performed?

“What is nasal flesh surgery and how is it done?” is among the frequently wondered questions. This operation is a surgery performed with general or local anesthesia. Nasal flesh surgery is the cutting and complete removal of the meat in the person’s nose. If there is no problem in the nasal bone, the nasal flesh is not completely removed. Instead, it is minimized. How to perform the operation is decided when it is understood what condition the person’s nasal flesh is as a result of the examinations. The operation takes around 15-20 minutes on average. However, if an aesthetic procedure is to be performed, this period may take up to 2 hours.

Endoscopic Resection of Concha Bullosa

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