Ear Tubes (Tympanostomy)

Ear Tubes
Ear Tubes (Tympanostomy)

The subject of ear tube surgery in children is one of the frequently wondered topics. If there is a dysfunction in the Eustachian tube, the middle ear does not ventilate. In addition, a problem such as membrane collapse may occur due to negative pressure. After that, fluid accumulation begins in the middle ear. As the consistency and amount of this fluid increases, hearing loss may occur in the child.

What are the Benefits of Ear Tube Insertion?

Ear tube surgery is performed to eliminate the risk of re-infection of the middle ear. At the same time, preventing hearing loss due to accumulated fluid is among the other purposes. After this operation, speech and balance problems also disappear. However, behavior and sleep problems are greatly improved. The duration of the ear tube in the ear varies according to the type of tube.There are different types of ear tubes that have many benefits. The duration of the wearing of these breeds also varies.

People who will have a tube inserted into their ear for the first time usually choose tubes that are removed after a short time. Short-term tubes are inserted for an average of 6 to 9 months. The self-protruding tube is thrown into the external ear canal. After that, it is taken during the examination. If it does not come out spontaneously, your doctor removes the tube with an easy and simple procedure during the examination.

What should be considered after the ear tube is inserted?

After ear tube surgery in children, the ear should be protected from water. One of the recommended ways to protect water is to use vaseline cotton during washing. In this way, your child can take a bath in a more sheltered way. However, if inflammation and discharge begin in the ear, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Under normal conditions, an ear tube functions smoothly for an average of 9 months. This situation varies according to the patient. However, at the end of 12 months, the ear tube is automatically thrown into the external ear canal. However, in some patients, it does not come out spontaneously. In such a case, it is necessary to examine and determine when the doctor will remove the tube. In patients with repeated periods, it may be desirable not to remove the tubes for many years. During this process, water should be prevented from escaping into the patient’s ear.

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Ear Tubes (Tympanostomy)

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