Eardrum Repair Surgery

Eardrum Repair Surgery
Eardrum Repair Surgery

What is Eardrum Repair (Tympanoplasty) in Children?

Frequent ear infections in children can cause damage to the eardrum. Eardrum repair, also known as Tympanoplasty, is an operation in which both the eardrum and the ossicular chain inside are repaired and repaired. In children with holes in the eardrum and chronic middle ear inflammation, the inflammation in the bones in the middle ear and middle ear is cleaned.

Then the process of closing the eardrum (patch) is performed. With this operation, the eardrum is repaired. Most of the time, hearing is also improved. The surgery is usually performed behind the auricle. Instead, it can also be done through the external ear canal. The middle ear is repaired together with other tissues.

In some people, both the ossicular chain and the eardrum may not be repaired at the same time. In such cases, the eardrum is repaired first. About four months after that, the ossicular repair is performed. This process is called a staged operation.

Are There Stitches in Eardrum Surgery in Children?

In eardrum repair surgeries in children, repair is made by making an incision behind the ear. Instead, the procedure can be performed by entering only through the hole in the external ear canal without making any incisions. Op. Dr. Tayfun Demirel performs operations through the ear in most of these operations. There are no incisions and stitches behind the ear. In this way, the child can return to his daily life much faster.

When Can My Child Hear After the Operation?

After the operation, it will be blocked for a while because there are melting sponges in the ear. These sponges, placed inside, melt in about 20 days. 20 days after surgery, that is, after the sponges melt, your child’s sense of hearing returns. The full recovery of the sensation of hearing after the operation is 2 months.

What should be considered after eardrum surgery in children?

After the operation, the child should sleep with the first week up. It is important not to cough and not to push. In this process, you need to feed your child with fiber foods and take care that he consumes such foods as it will prevent him from being constipated. He should not make heavy and sudden movements for at least 1 month. Take care not to leak water into your ear for at least 2 months after surgery.


Eardrum Repair Surgery

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