Postnasal Drip

Postnasal Drip
Postnasal Drip

What is Nasal Drip?

Nasal drip, or postnasal leakage, is a disorder that directly affects almost every individual at least one point in their lives. In the human body, the glands in the nose and throat produce mucus, or mucus, to moisturize the nasal membranes. These also fight infection depending on the immune system.

Under normal circumstances, individuals do not realize the mucus produced by their bodies. It swallows it reflexively. But when an individual’s body starts to produce extra mucus for various reasons, it can be felt that it is accumulating in the back of your throat. In addition, it can be felt that mucus flows down from the nose to the throat. The problem of excess mucus flowing down the nose, especially towards the throat, is called nasal drip.

How is Nasal Drip Treated?

In many cases, nasal discharge is benign and is one of the body’s self-defense systems. This problem can be treated at home with various methods. However, if these methods are used for a few days but there is no improvement or if other signs and symptoms such as bloody mucus are seen next to the nasal discharge, you should definitely see a specialist ENT doctor.

Often, a nasal spray containing steroids with cortisone is prescribed for individuals who have problems with nasal discharge. However, as with other cortisone drugs, side effects may occur as a result of long-term use in these nasal sprays. Instead, various sinus moisturizers or sinus rinsing tools can also remove excess mucus that has accumulated.

In addition, by keeping your head slightly elevated while lying down, you can provide proper drainage for the smooth movement of mucus. At the same time, you can protect yourself from night coughing attacks by preventing the accumulation of nasal discharge.

In cases caused by oblique septum, corrective surgery is the only option to treat nasal discharge permanently. As a result of this surgery, called septoplasty, the nasal septum is tightened and made straight. Some parts of the nasal septum can be removed to achieve the most effective and accurate result. In this way, the definitive treatment is realized.

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Postnasal Drip

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