Childhood ENT Diagnosis and Treatment

Childhood ENT

ENT examination in children is very important in terms of pre-diagnosis of diseases. In this way, the necessary precautions are taken in the early period. Especially in a child born with a problematic pregnancy or birth, ENT examination is vital. The most common ENT diseases in the younger age group; upper respiratory tract, that is, diseases such as colds and flu. However, pharyngitis due to throat inflammation or tonsil swelling and middle ear inflammation diseases. Children who have ENT problems and who are caught in these diseases very often should definitely see an ENT doctor.

Otorhinolaryngology in Children

There are some problems that children in school and preschool period complain about. These are usually nasal congestion, earache and hearing problems. Children of this age group can tell about the discomfort they experience. But younger age groups can not tell. For this reason, whether young children have any problems or not should be constantly observed by the parents. Then, if a problem is noticed, the child should be taken to the doctor. For example, children who do not react to the sounds around them and have trouble speaking may have hearing problems. In the same way, if the child does not raise his voice too much and experiences hoarseness despite not shouting, it may indicate a problem in the vocal cords. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in such problems. That is why young children need to be constantly observed by their parents and even their teachers.

Common ENT diseases in children include:

  • Middle Ear Inflammation,
  • Pharyngitis
  • Tonsillitis (tonsillitis),
  • Sinusitis
  • Eardrum problems,
  • Nasal flesh,
  • Respiratory problems,
  • Common cold.

Diagnosis of ENT in Children

ENT diseases in children can include many different health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose what the disease is. For example, it is necessary to determine whether the problem of the child who constantly coughs and has nasal congestion is allergy or sinusitis. Otherwise, the patient may be given the wrong and unnecessary medication. Therefore, the desired result cannot be obtained during the treatment process.

How is ENT Examination Performed in Children?

In cases where children are frequently diagnosed with ENT diseases or if the disease recurs after treatment, the child must be examined. In the ENT examination, the child is examined by the ENT doctor with the help of a small endoscope in a way that will not harm the child. After the examination, the child may be diagnosed with one or more diseases.

Childhood ENT Diagnosis and Treatment

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