What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is when the patient hears sounds at frequencies that do not exist outside, although they do not have a psychological problem. It may develop mild and high severe. Especially at night and in quiet environments, mild severe ringing can be heard. High-intensity tinnitus can be heard in almost any environment. Untreated tinnitus can even cause psychological problems after a while.

There may also be situations when tinnitus can be dangerous. If the tinnitus has appeared suddenly, is progressing rapidly, and there are problems such as dizziness, hearing loss, headache and loss of balance, this situation is dangerous.


In this health problem, it can manifest itself in the form of ringing, whistling, high tone, hissing, and throbbing. Instead, although it is rarely seen, it can also be perceived in musical tones. These sounds sometimes become annoying. Therefore, it can also affect the psychological state of the person. Tinnitus symptoms may stop suddenly after persisting for a while. Instead, it can become extremely uncomfortable with a more intense sound. In some people, symptoms occur at night and in quiet environments.

In others, it can cause discomfort in a situation that can affect your daily life. Tinnitus can sometimes also be a symptom of another underlying disease. It can be seen as a symptom of any disease that can cause hearing loss, especially in the field of ear nose, and throat. Diseases such as inner ear inflammation, a hole in the eardrum, inflammation, or a tumor in the auditory nerve are some of them.

Tinnitus Treatment

One of the main problems in tinnitus is that the underlying cause is difficult to find. However, in cases where the cause is known, for example; If it occurs due to a tumor in the auditory nerve, surgical treatment may be required. Instead, methods such as radiotherapy can be applied. Again, if it develops due to dirt in the external ear canal, the ear needs to be cleaned. Depending on the causes of the middle ear canal, the patient can be treated medically or surgically.

In cases where the cause cannot be found, more general treatments are applied. If tinnitus develops due to systemic causes, diseases such as high blood pressure, zinc deficiency, cholesterol, B12, or iron deficiency should be investigated. Then it is necessary to carry out the treatment of these diseases.

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