Upper Respiratory Tract Allergy

Upper Respiratory Tract Allergy

What Is an Upper Respiratory Tract Allergy?

An upper respiratory allergy is when antibodies found in the airways fight and react to substances that may be harmless to others. These substances can be dust, nutrients, substances ingested by the respiratory tract, pollen, and allergens such as mites and animal dander. Allergy is a problem with a treatment that can be seen in all age groups. It is often thought to be genetic. However, with the effect of environmental factors, allergies occur at different ages. Smoking and environmental pollution are seen as the main causes of allergy.


The symptoms of allergic reactions can be felt in different ways according to allergens. Its severity varies from person to person. However, the frequency of exposure to the allergen may also vary according to the duration and amount of the substance. Allergic reactions in the respiratory system usually cause asthma.

Allergies affecting the respiratory tract may include sneezing, runny or congested nose, itching or burning sensation in the nose, redness, and watering of the eyes. In addition to these, it can cause breathing difficulties, dry cough, and wheezing. Studies say that severe cases of allergic rhinitis can have almost the same consequences as diseases such as hepatitis C, migraines, and diabetes. It can show symptoms such as respiratory allergies, fatigue, irritability, and high pulse. However, due to asthma, bruising on the lips and nails can cause problems such as difficulty speaking, concentration, and attention difficulties. In children and adolescents, seasonal allergy has a high impact on the ability to learn.

Treatment for Upper Respiratory Tract Allergy

Antihistamines are the most commonly used drugs in allergic rhinitis and respiratory allergy. These drugs reduce histamine, which has the most important role when allergies develop, and they act in this way. It is better to use it before exposure to the allergen. Because they are more effective than exposure to the allergen.

In particular, they reduce symptoms such as itching, discharge and sneezing.In cases of chronic allergies, you need to routinely use the medications recommended to you. Op. Dr. Tayfun Demirel offers successful treatment options to his patients with his more than ten years of experience in the treatment of respiratory allergies. Treatments are planned in a personalized way. If you frequently suffer from upper tract allergies, you can make an appointment by contacting us.

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Upper Respiratory Tract Allergy

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